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Antique Automobile Car Club Ocala Florida
6/18/16 The Villages-Spanish Springs  KOTR (Kingdom of the Road) featured club.  Our club joined them.
6/12/16   2016 Poor Boy Tour   Galax, Virginia   

There were approximately 45 cars assembled in Galax for this year's tour. They came from many states including Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois and Florida. Galax also offered some interesting shopping and restaurants on Main Street , in the historic downtown.

Over the years we've traversed many sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and this year was no exception. The routes were planned to keep us off the higher speed roads, and primarily use either single lane blacktop or gravel meandering through country sides and mountain gaps. There is no better way to see the country and get to know the area. It was the exception, when we needed to use a multi lane roadway.

Music is an important element of this country life, and we learned about the local abilities to make various instruments as we visited the Music Center in Sunday's shakedown tour, of under 40 miles. We had to also stop, sample and purchase wines of a local vineyard...to support the local economy of course. That evening in the hotel, several bottles are opened and enjoyed as we renewed or made new friendships.

Monday we stopped at an incredible tower constructed and used by early settlers, to make Shot for their muzzle loaders. We also visited a Transportation Museum and Wilderness Road Museum, before getting back to the hotel in time for a watermelon party. With lots of stops, less than 90 miles were logged today.

Tuesday we drove to the North Carolina Museum of Racing and the Woods Brothers race shop. To get there was had to negotiate a steep hill or two. The brakes were smoking on at least one 4 mile long decent...reminding us to go down as slowly (and in the same gear) that you might go up. The Manifold Cookers were loaded before leaving the hotel, and after a couple of hard pulls, you could begin to smell lunch! We stopped at a beautiful park that allowed us to organize all the cookers and other foods, for a feast. I was ready for a nap, but there was more to see. Many stopped at Nancy's Candy Factory...and stocked up for the long week ahead! This evening, we enjoyed an Ice Cream Social in the parking lot. around 120 miles driven today.

Floyd, Virginia was our destination on Wednesday, offering us over 40 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway driving. The Hardware store and Fabric and Yarn shops were a hit with everyone. The Mabry Mill was an incredible stop, allowing us ( and the cars) a breather. This mill was a grist mill, a lumber mill and aWheel wright's shop, all in one. They must have had very reliable water flow for power. Approximately 130 miles today...but it didn't seem like it.

Mount Airy, North Carolina, also nicknamed the "Granite City" was our last day's major stop. It includes a 90 acre "open faced" quarry which has supplied the stone for the WWII Memorial in Washington DC and other major monuments and buildings. We also got to see Andy Griffin's home town and ate in the Snappy Lunch diner, next to Floyd's Barber Shop. The Mayberry Courthouse and Wally's Service Station still remain, just as you might imagine from the TV series. We also got to tour two private shops! Whata treat to see such facilities and craftsmanship! Thursday was less than 75 miles...and allowed us time to load the trailers before our group's dinner at Porkies!

On Friday we said our good byes and departed on our separate paths knowing that we'd see each other again at another tour. Our thanks again to the Terry's, Strickland's and Bruce Large for all of their work, to make this possible.

respectfully submitted,

Steve Ellis
7/12/16  KOTS and KOTR visited the Appleton Museum and looked at Norman Rockwell's work.  Then we went to the Braised Onion for a great lunch.  Some of use braved the heat and drove our old cars, while some came in modern cars and had the air conditioning running.  All had a good time.
7/27/16 Pictures from Steve Ellis on Albuquerque Tour in his 1927 T
8/22/16  We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then drove to Roger Hatton's garage where we joined the KOTR group.  We visited with Roger and saw his cars & trucks.  We then went to Gator Joe's for lunch.
11/4/16  We drove to Minneola Elementary Charter School where we met 3 other car clubs for a school activity for Science and Social Studies units involving American Inventors and also how the automobile changes America. The students questioned us about our cars.  The most ask question was, "What does the horn sound like"

We had cars from Model T's to a Tesela.  

After the show we went to The Crooked Spoon where we enjoyed chatting with the members and a great meal.
AACA Winter Meet February 23-25, 2017

The show field was on the campus of College of Central Florida on SR200. 

We were given many great reviews from National.

We had 240 cars present.

We had 80-90 volunteers from 5 clubs.

AACA sold over $3,900 of merchandizing.

We had 12 award winners from our club.

The college did well on the consessions.

12/11/16  We had our Christmas Party in Weirsdalf, where we were joined by the AACA KOTR, and the Villages After a great lunch we were entertained by a singing group.  They were very good.
November 2016
Some of our members are also members of the Tin Lizzie Club of NC Florida.  In November 2016 they drove seven model T's from mile marker 100 in Key Largo to Mile Marker 0 in Key West under their own power.  A picture of the group at the southern most point in the continental United States.
January 21, 2017
We met at McDonalds and traveled together up to Florida Museum of Natural History for the Collectors Day event. There were a lot of items on display and we enjoyed talking to the presenters. After viewing the displays we ate lunch and headed home.  Weather was perfect.   Unfortunately we had the same problem parking as we did last year and were not able to park together, so I have no pictures. 
February 9,2017
We met at Lowes and traveled down to the Alpaca Farm in Homosassa where the Leesburg Chapter joined us.  We were given a tour and lots of information on the Alpaca's.  We got to feed them and pet them.  We were shown how the Alpaca fur is made into hats, scarfs, etc.  A nice gift shop and many plants for sale. Then we went to the Seagrass Waterfront Restaurant for a good lunch.
Monthly meeting Sunday April 9,2017

Women wearing their Easter Hats
4/29/17 We met at Silver Springs and then drove as a group to Sparky’s Place Restaurant in Astor, FL. It took awhile to get our breakfast, but well worth the wait. We then drove as a group to the Barberville Antique Car Show. There were plenty of crafts and musicians playing in and around all the historic buildings. Food and drinks were available for purchase.  At 2:00 pm Bruce won a second place trophy for his Bantam and James won a third place for his 35 Plymouth. 

7/18/17  Bill Soop made arrangements for us to tour National Parts Depot private car collection today after our weekly breakfast.  We were greeted by Rick Schmidt who gave us the tour, history of the cars, and what was special about the car.  We are very grateful and thankful to Rick for taking his time to show us the cars.  Everyone had a great time.  Bill Soop took some pictures of today.